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21 November 1986
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I'm kind of an odd bird. That's really all I've got...

What is there to say about me, really? I'm about 50% student and 50% slacker which... has made things interesting for me. But I'm currently working towards an MAT in English Ed. Ultimately, that means that one day I will be teaching your children English. It's okay if that frightens you, it scares the crap out of me too.

I spend a lot of time reading [go figure], watching TV [most of it bad], knitting, and... doing other bizarre things that make people question my sanity. I enjoy growing things in my window sills, wrapping presents for people and watching them open them, and arguing. I don't like to drive, and my most recent obsession is wanting to make my own soap. ... not a lot to me, really.

This page, if you haven't run away screaming yet, is pretty much reserved for fanfiction, which I write when my brain's not getting in the way of it. I should warn you that I am always in it for the evil blonde. Hopefully you enjoy what's here, and if you do, let me know.