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January 2013  

What is RayneJelly anyway?

Something like boysenberry, maybe...?

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Rides a Pale Horse Index  
02:37am 07/14/2011
 Rides a Pale Horse –

The story begins at the end of Summer between seasons 4 and 5, and really starts to take off around the episode "Shadow." The standing, wholly inadequate summary reads thusly: What would life be like if you couldn't die? Xander Harris is about to find out.

Here are the first chapters of Rides a Pale Horse –

(Chapter 1)                               (Chapter 2)                               (Chapter 3)                          

(Chapter 4)                               (Chapter 5)                               (Chapter 6)

(Chapter 7)                               (Chapter 8)                               (Chapter 9)                               

(Chapter 10)                             (Chapter 11)                             (Chapter 12

(Chapter 13)                             (Chapter 14)                             (Chapter 15)  

(Chapter 16)                             (Chapter 17)                             (Chapter 18)

(Chapter 19)                             (Chapter 20)                             (Chapter 21)

(Chapter 22)                             (Chapter 23)                             (Chapter 24)

(Chapter 25)                             (Chapter 26)                             (Chapter 27)

(Chapter 28)                             (Chapter 29)                             (Chapter 30

(Chapter 31)                             (Chapter 32)                             (Chapter 33)

(Chapter 34)                             (Chapter 35)                             (Chapter 36)

(Chapter 37)                             (Chapter 38)                             (Chapter 39)

Also there's this!
 RaPH part 2



THANK YOU SO MUCH! ... maybe one of these days it'll come out of the "unfinished" category :-) 
Emotion = Danger: sleepysleepy
    Nothing's Better Left Unsaid - 3 Things I Wanted to Hear - - Link

(no subject)
09:30pm 06/23/2012 (UTC)
Congrats on the win. Great writing. :-)
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(no subject)
01:25am 06/24/2012 (UTC)
Thank you! I was unbelievably excited about it [really - I didn't shut up for days and wound up explaining the whole concept of fanfiction awards to my mother... my poor mom].

Can I ask your opinion about the layout of this page? I'm fairly sure all of the links work, but I'm not sure about the spacing, been concerned about the color of them since I designed the layout of the whole journal...
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(no subject)
01:30am 06/24/2012 (UTC)
Hey! I'll trade you one. I just wrote a very short fic-- and I'd love your opinion on it. :-)


I like the layout of your page a lot. I. Can. Read. It. :-)

It's not difficult to get to the goodies.

The Brown and Grey is a classic color combo.

Again-- it's easy to find the goodies. :-)
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