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January 2013  

What is RayneJelly anyway?

Something like boysenberry, maybe...?

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04:19am 01/14/2013
Author: Rayne Jelly
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Gen. or Spike/Dru
Disclaimer: Clearly not.
Summary: Spike’s thoughts in the week before Christmas circa 2000. Fits neatly into canon.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Un-beta'd (as is 98% of everything I put up here).
Feedback: Yes please! 

General Stuff: So this is a bit out of left field - but I was driving home at about 2 o'clock this morning, and this happened... It's been a while since I've written one of these (if I've ever really written a BtVS vignette without any kindof agenda), and it's out of season (i.e. late), but I quite like it. It's startlingly devoid of animosity. And was going to end differently, but... I like the symmetry, so I'm leaving it where it is with the unspoken assumption that Spike will continue to be an asshole.


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Lo! What's that I hear? Why, 'tis: Janine Jansen - The Gadfly
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The Not-A-Merry Christmas Ficlet  
12:54am 11/23/2012

I have something a little goofy for you. Longer than a drabble, shorter than a fic, holiday adjacent (and definitely holiday inspired)… whatever that means.

Spander pre-slash, Basement of Doom + goofy/random fun

So today was Thanksgiving in the US of A. Harvest festival, feasting, turkey coma, absurd anticipation of 4am shopping, and, of course, FINALLY Permission to be legitimately excited about Christmas (which is the same thing, really, but with presents and sparklies). Which meant that this morning, I woke up to DEAFENING Christmas music (this is my mom being subtle). Bing Crosby as a weapon of aural destruction.  Uncool, man. Uncool.

And then this happened...Collapse )
Emotion = Danger: chipperchipper
Lo! What's that I hear? Why, 'tis: Parliament - Give Up the Funk
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Fall for S/X 2012! Three Times Spike’s had Xander Tied Up in Knots  
12:01am 11/21/2012
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Hello from the bottom of the abyss!  
06:34pm 11/10/2012
Um. Hi... *sheepish wave*

I feel like the cat slinking home after being out all night, knowing people were worried but... expecting to be fed anyway. 

So I suck! As only human beings can, I suck. Not like cats, or sheep, or any of the other animals that may be inadvertently mentioned in this post... Which is to say - I'm really sorry for not regularly updating RaPH. I'm working on it. I am. The writer's block is persistent and annoying, and... I think it has something to do with Fall for S/X. Like Writer's ADD or something. I hope that once that's out of the way, I'll relax a little and be able to just... write the end of RaPH the way it needs to be written.

So basically I'm telling you that, barring something really bizarre, you won't see a RaPH update for a while. SORRY! Sorry sorry sorry! I HATE it when this happens. Just hoping to focus on one thing, then the other. 

In other news - um. I did something with my email. Or Comcast is being stupid. Or some combination thereof. Regardless: there is stupidity. And stupidity means that my email is not working for the moment, and I'm a little bit out of contact with the universe at large. Hopefully it'll be back to life within the next few days, but until then.... Irk. Some. 

Anyway. Just wanted to apologize for the cliffhanger and the non-existent RaPH update. And let you know that... though I've fallen off the face of the techno-earth, I am still alive. [I liiiiiiiive] 

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Rides a Pale Horse 39  
01:04am 11/01/2012
Tthis chapter took FOREVER to write. I think I had so many different directions that I could take this in, and I couldn't decide on the right direction or figure out how to get there, and I was writing in short bursts instead of cohesive chapters and... yeah. I'm sorry. 

I've decided, as I re-read, that it's not as unforgivably hideous as I thought. It's just not particularly close to the skin. 

I do not own Buffy, and aren't we bloody glad of that! 

The first 38 chapters are here

Chapter 39... at long last.Collapse )
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